Cultural Entrepreneurship in Bath and Bristol ~ Researcher: Aurelia Ayisi

Research into Cultural Entrepreneurship in Bath and Bristol


The 2010 Nesta report named Bath and Bristol as two of UK’s “nine creative hot-spots” that foster creative and economic development. Co-located in the South West Region of UK approximately twelve miles from each other, Bath and Bristol are hubs for of cultural workers. The residential clustering of cultural workers is believed to provide vital routes to markets and key sources of collaboration and information sharing between cultural entrepreneurs.

According to the Creative Industries Economic Estimates this twelve sectors is believed to contribute £71.4bn a year to the UK Economy and employed 1 million 680, 000 people in 2012 which accounts for 1 out of every 18 jobs in the UK. However,research into the sector has focused on the creative economy of London. By focusing on Bath and Bristol my research will provide a critical account of creative work in Bath and Bristol with focus on the following research questions

• In what ways do Bristol and Bath function as creative hubs that encourage cultural entrepreneurship?

• How do cultural entrepreneurs make decisions about where to locate their enterprises?

Research methods for this project will include in-depth interviews, focus group discussions and participant observation. The study is being conducted by Aurelia Ayisi. Information gathered will be shared with Dr. Daniel Ashton, Dr Ranji Devadason and internal/external examiners. Data collected will be anonymised and stored securely. Findings of the research will be made available at the end of the research which is estimated to be October 2016.

I am keen to hear from cultural entrepreneurs in Bath and Bristol to take part in this study

For more information about this research please write to me at

Aurelia Ayisi
Doctoral Researcher
Bath Spa University
Newton St Loe
Bath, BA2 9BN
M: +44 (0)7963519817


Published by Aurelia

Doctoral Researcher at BathSpa University researching the creative economy of South West England.

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